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Story of "nobody knows me"

“Feeling like I’m living in a film” something I've heard a lot lately. “Nothing seems real anymore”

So many people are broken suffering with PTSD. Shocking events affect so many people worldwide.
Social media can sometimes be too much and relentless, constantly feeding us with so much information.

Sometimes I think  “stop the world I want to get off.” 

At a time of personal crisis, thinking of how we try to put on a brave face for the outside world, struggling to deal with our own personal problems and stress in everyday life. At the time when we lost Caroline Flack and now so many others, from my heart I wrote the song  “Nobody Knows Me”

So many people are struggling with their Mental Health it is important to support each other, come together and spread the message  “Reach Out - You Are Not Alone”


During the writing of this song, I am grateful to have been joined by incredibly talented friends.

Vocals Harriet Roberts. Piano Mo Pleasure. Strings Tony Swain. Production Mo Pleasure & Tony Swain. Video Tony Swain

Words & Melody Tony Larking. Titles Meesh Jay

It’s my intention that Nobody Knows Me will help promote Mental Health Charities. I also intend to continue producing songs, shows and film to create opportunities for artists & musicians whilst helping to promote worthy causes.

Tony Larking

CEO Big Music Family Ltd

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